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Take Away Menu

Balti Chicken Special ....

Butter Chicken                  $18.50
Boneless chicken pieces in a cream and tomato gravy, with a touch of our special Balti spices
Balti Garlic Chicken            $18.50
Boneless marinated chicken with chunky potatoes in a hot and spicy Balti gravy sauce, flavoured with garlic & herbs.
Chicken & Tomato Balti             $18.50
Boneless chicken cooked Balti style with sliced onion, chunky tomato & medium spices.
Chicken & Eggplant             $18.90
Boneless chicken tikka cooked with chunky eggplant in a medium Balti sauce with tomato and fresh Balti herbs and spices.
Garden Balti Chicken         $19.90
Chicken tikka cooked with a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables in our special medium spicy Balti sauce.
Okra & Chicken Balti         $18.90
Boneless chicken and okra tastefully combined with medium spicy Balti sauce and fresh Herbs and spices.
Kadhai Chicken                 $17.90
A popular Balti speciality from north India, boneless chicken tikka cooked in Balti sauce with capsicum and fresh herbs.