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Balti Dinner Special ....

Starters ......

Onion Bhajee                  $7.00
Chopped onion coated with chick pea flour, deep-fried served with tamarind chutney
Vegetable Samosa            $7.00
Pyramid-shape flake pastry stuffed with vegetable & deep fried
Vegetable Pakora             $8.00
Slices of vegetable coated with chick pea flours, deep-fried served with tamarind chutney.
Balti Paneer Moti             $7.00
Diced homemade paneer marinated in our balti spices and cooked in crisp batter.
Balti Chicken Wings         $9.00
Tasty chicken wings in balti marinade, cooked to perfection and served with salad and chutney.
Chicken Karakoram         $7.00
Tender strips of moist chicken in a light batter of tangy, balti spices served with salad and chutney.
Chicken Tikka                 $9.00
Tender boneless chicken pieces mildly marinated in spices and Balti herbs &
spices roasted in the tandoor, served with salad and mint chutney
Balti Tawa Chicken          $9.00
Medium spicy chicken strips stir fried with our special balti spices & served on a salad & chutney
Fish Jeera Balti                $7.00
Tender gujons of fish in a mildly spiced balti batter with cumin seeds, served with salad and chutney
Prawn karakorum            $12.00
Prawn in a light batter of balti spices served with salad and chutney.
Balti Chaap                      $9.00
Lean mince meat marinated in authentic Balti spices, wrapped on skewers & grilled; served with salad & chutney.
Salted & Pepper Prawn    $14.90
Marinated prawn with spices and pepper roasted with capsicum, & sliced onion.
Mixed platter for two        $16.00
Combination of two pieces of samosa, pakora, sheikh kebab & chicken tikka.